CMP delivers multi-project wafer runs of 28nm FD-SOI with impressive device performance
Posted date : Jan 31, 2014

CMPmultiwaferCMP recently delivered the first 28nm FD-SOI/10LM multi-project wafer run, Kholdoun Torki, Technical Director at CMP has indicated. “We received positive feedback on the test results with quite impressive device performance,” he said. The PDK is from ST, making this a success for both STMicroelectronics and CMP. 
In 2013, they had 32 prototypes from 15 customers over three runs. The latest run embedded 25 different projects. Delivery of that run to users will be in Q2 2014.

“We have a total of 140 institutions/companies already using the PDK. Four MPW runs are scheduled in 2014, one for each quarter,” said Dr. Torki. MPW price is 15000 Euro/mm2.

“At CMP we fully support UTSOI model cards available in the process design-kit (PDK) for the 28nm FDSOI process,” explains Dr. Torki. The simulation model itself is available for Eldo, Spectre and Hspice. Cadence, Mentor and Synopsys make this model available as a standard feature thanks to a Leti-ST licensing agreement.

Look for news about availability of Leti’s new UTSOI2 model (click here for more information on the model) for 14nm FD-SOI in Q2.

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