RF-SOI Powerhouse Peregrine Introduces UltraCMOS® Global 1 Reconfigurable RF Front-End System
Posted date : Feb 7, 2014


Peregrine’s UltraCMOS® Global 1, the first reconfigurable RFFE system, includes a multimode, multiband power amplifier, post-PA switch, antenna switch and antenna tuner on a single chip. (Image courtesy: Peregrine Semiconductor)

RF-SOI powerhouse Peregrine Semiconductor has announced the Global 1 (press release here), billed as “the industry’s first reconfigurable RF front-end system”.  The company says it features the industry’s first LTE CMOS PA with the same raw performance as the leading gallium arsenide (GaAs) PAs and has a 33-percent efficiency increase over other CMOS Pas.

Peregrine notes that this platform leverages 25 years of RF expertise with proven performance demonstrated by more than 2 billion RF-SOI units shipped.

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