Eveon and Leti Leverage SOI in Milestone: Fabrication Of Smart Bolus-type Micro-pump for Drug Delivery
Posted date : Mar 26, 2014

Puce micropompe Flumin3

(Courtesy: CEA-Leti)


Eveon and CEA-Leti have demonstrated liquid-pumping for smart drug delivery in the bolus mode using a silicon-based micro-pump fabricated with a standard MEMS process. (Read full press release here.)

The milestone is the first functional micro-pump integration using MEMS standard process on Leti’s 200mm line. It is a result of FluMin3, Eveon and Leti’s three-year joint-development project to produce an automatic drug-delivery system integrating a MEMS micro-pump that reduces patient discomfort by delivering medicine with very high accuracy, minimal loss and high flow rates.

The micro-pump is based on core technology initiated by Eveon and IMEP-LAHC. The pump demonstrator is made from SOI wafers, which include a thin deformable membrane sealed over a fluidic cavity and fluidic valves determining inlet and outlet. A dedicated electromagnetic actuator developed by Cedrat Technologies shapes the membrane.

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