ST adopts Synopsys IC Compiler for FD-SOI CPU/GPU implementations
Posted date : Apr 25, 2014

Synopsys has announced that STMicroelectronics has standardized on Synopsys’ IC Compiler™ place-and-route solution for all its CPU and GPU implementations inside its Design Enablement and Services organization.  As noted in the press release (read here) ST has a unique processor architecture made possible through their FD-SOI process technology.  An FD-SOI device can operate at significantly higher frequencies than an equivalent, traditional, bulk CMOS device. It can also run very fast at low voltages, providing much higher energy efficiency. The close collaboration between the ST design teams and Synopsys has led to a compelling implementation solution that fully exploits the performance and power promise of FD-SOI technology and provides the throughput needed to meet tight time to market windows.

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