FD-SOI Tops 100K SemiWiki Hits
Posted date : Apr 30, 2014

100K views and counting: FD-SOI-related posts on SemiWiki are fabulously popular. Following a wrap-up by Paul McLellen of his FD-SOI talk at EDPS (read post here), heated discussion ensued in the comments section.  To show just how hot a topic FD-SOI is in the design community, SemiWiki co-founder Dan Nenni shared the following stats:

  • 100,000 FD-SOI article views on SemiWiki
  • Top referring domain is intel.com
  • Top geographic regions are North America, Taiwan, Korea
  • 160 FD-SOI blog comments
  • Top Google searches: FD-SOI Wiki, FD-SOI vs FinFET

Clearly, FD-SOI is a hot topic!

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