ST-Samsung news hot topic in press and social media
Posted date : May 19, 2014

Within 24 hours of the news that Samsung was the new foundry for ST’s 28nm FD-SOI, the news made headlines across all the major tech pubs and social media forums. EETimes, Electronics Weekly, ZDNet and more are all resolutely enthusiastic about the deal. SemiWiki founder Dan Nenni said it was “…one of the biggest stories we will cover this month, if not this year, absolutely.” And David Manners quipped that it’s “Game On For FD-SOI”. On Twitter, close to 500 tweets about the news were posted within the first 24 hours from all corners of the globe, and in at least a dozen languages. Not Lady Gaga, perhaps, but huge by tech standards nonetheless.  Even Samsung got into the act, with Senior Director Foundry Marketing Kelvin Low blogging that, “This particular version of FD-SOI delivers a nice balance of higher performance with low power and is well suited for mobile and consumer electronics to IT infrastructure applications.”

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