Peregrine Ships Next-Gen UltraCMOS® 10 RF-SOI Switches for Smartphones
Posted date : May 28, 2014

Peregrine Semi has shipped the first RF switches built on the company’s SOI-based UltraCMOS 10 technology platform. With partner GlobalFoundries, Peregrine also announces the completion of product and process qualification for the advanced RF-SOI technology (see press release here). The 130 nm technology combines the performance of UltraCMOS technology with the economies of SOI, and it delivers a more than 50-percent performance improvement over comparable solutions, says Peregrine. It targets the unique growth requirements for mobile applications and is the foundation for Peregrine’s next- generation RF switches, tuners and power amplifiers, including the industry’s first reconfigurable RF front end, UltraCMOS Global 1.

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