Samsung & ST 28nm FD-SOI Is Major Opportunity, Says IBS (EETimes)
Posted date : May 28, 2014

In an EETimes blog, Handel Jones of IBS says that the Samsung-ST FD-SOI announcement represents a major opportunity. (Read full blog here.) “Samsung Electronics has a major opportunity with its large wafer capacity to support low-leakage products with its 28 nm FD-SOI process,” he wrote. “Cadence Design Systems, Synopsys, and Mentor Graphics are all supporting the FD-SOI ecosystem, and the transition from 28 nm bulk HKMG to FD-SOI should be inexpensive.” He goes on to say, “It is also important to be able to transition the smartphone vendor base to China and meet the aggressive pricing structures of the China market, which can be done with FD-SOI. Adopting FD-SOI gives a high probability of having a cost-competitive and low-power option for high-volume mobile platforms.”

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