Semiwiki Reveals TSMC’s FD-SOI Patent Activity
Posted date : Sep 17, 2014

Revelations by semiwiki’s Eric Esteve that TSMC has filed a significant FD-SOI patent has generated a rush of speculation in the press and online forums.  In his piece When TSMC advocates FD-SOI…,  Esteve noted that TSMC’s patent for “Planar compatible FDSOI Design Architecture” (granted 14 May 2013) heralded the advantages as follows: “Devices formed on SOI substrates offer many advantages over their bulk counterparts, including absence of reverse body effect, absence of latch-up, soft-error immunity, and elimination of junction capacitance typically encountered in bulk silicon devices. SOI technology therefore enables higher speed performance, higher packing density, and reduced power consumption.”

In a subsequent article in Electronics Weekly entitled TSMC Developing FD-SOI, David Manners concluded, “Clearly all mobile IC houses are looking at FD-SOI as an option because of its lower power potential. The fact that TSMC is developing the technology suggests that a customer or customers have enquired about using FD-SOI…”.

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