ST Chooses WaveIntegrity from CWS for Early Noise Analysis in FD-SOI SOCs
Posted date : Sep 26, 2014

STMicroelectronics has chosen WaveIntegrityTM from CWS for rapid and practical analysis of noise issues in complex FD-SOI SOCs (press release here).

“ST needed a fast, practical method to ensure our IP would not be susceptible to noise issues, when implemented in complex, multi-million gate SoCs. We have also found we can optimize the power-supply requirements to IP in the knowledge that both the position and number of pins or bumps will be adequate for the IP as implemented,” said Pierre Dautriche, Physical IP & Mixed Design Solutions Director, Central CAD & Design Solutions, STMicroelectronics. “Extensive use here has proven WaveIntegrity as the most efficient and effective way to achieve these aims, allowing us to reduce risk in ways previously impossible. This capability is being extended to both our most advanced and older process nodes, and which we will also support for our own customers. ”

ST is using WaveIntegrity across groups designing complex IP for home and automotive devices. Getting a fast, initial picture of potential noise-related issues is vital in designing today’s complex SOCs and WaveIntegrity performs noise-analysis results right from the initial floorplan, as IP is delivered to the chip assembly team.

WaveIntegrity encourages noise-analysis results to be used during the first and subsequent floorplan stages, so that critical design decisions can be made early and at low cost. The analysis setup is then refined for the final floorplan revision to support any potential remaining noise-related design choices before final place & route.

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