With FD-SOI, Industry Takes Another Look at SOI (SemiEngineering)
Posted date : Oct 27, 2014

In a piece entitled Time To Look At SOI Again (you can read it here), SemiconductorEngineering Executive Editor Mark Lapedus charts the industry’s accelerating interest in SOI, including FD-SOI and FinFETs on SOI.

He notes that FD-SOI is now planned for four generations: 28nm, 20nm, 14nm and 10nm. The offering has expanded beyond ST to Samsung and GF. He quotes GF’s Mike Mendicino as saying, “We’re seeing a lot of interest from customers (for FDSOI).”

For FinFETs, he quotes Terry Hook’s IBM presentation at the recent IEEE S3S Conference, when he said that on SOI, “…the formation of the fin is blindingly simple”.  (If you missed Terry’s ASN piece last year, you can read it here.)

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