IntelliEPI Buys Soitec GaAs Business
Posted date : Nov 3, 2014

Soitec, a leader in SOI wafers and other advanced substrates, recently announced the sale of its gallium arsenide (GaAs) epitaxy business (the Soitec Specialty Electronics subsidiary) to Intelligent Epitaxy Technology Inc (see press release here).  The deal follows the previous collaboration between Soitec and IntelliEPI (see press release dated December 12, 2013).

“The sale of our gallium arsenide (GaAs) epitaxy business to IntelliEPI reflects our drive to refocus Soitec’s electronics division on its key products under its five-year Soitec 2015 program,” explained Bernard Aspar, Senior Vice President and Soitec’s Communication & Power Business Unit General Manager.

“The transaction will enable IntelliEPI to widen its customer base and penetrate to several critical GaAs application markets such as automotive radar technology. It will also enable IntelliEPI to provide best-valued products and services to all its customers with expanded manufacturing capacities from its Texas, USA location,” said Yung-Chung Kao, IntelliEPI President and CEO.


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