Sony’s FD-SOI GPS makes EETimes headlines — and quite a buzz.
Posted date : Feb 2, 2015

A new EETimes article entitled Sony Joins FD-SOI Club by Chief International Correspondent Junko Yoshida has created a tremendous buzz (click here to read it). The piece covers Sony’s presentation at the latest RF/FD-SOI workshop in Tokyo (many of the presentation are now posted here). Sony described their design experience with porting a GPS chip to 28nm FD-SOI, which resulted in a whopping 10x power reduction, down to just 1mW.  Already the world’s smallest, lowest-power chip, the move to FD-SOI gives it a huge edge in mobile IoT and wearables, where battery life is critical.  The response to the EETimes article was phenomenal. Within the first couple of days, it already had been shared over 90 times on LinkedIn and 50 on Facebook and Twitter.

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