SemiEngineering talks to design houses about FD-SOI IoT design starts
Posted date : Feb 8, 2015

In a SemiEngineering piece entitled FD-SOI meets the IoT, Executive Editor Ann Steffora Mutschler talked to a couple of design houses working on FD-SOI IoT projects. Synapse Design has taped out multiple chips, and has more projects underway, they told her, with reports of impressive power savings. In close collaboration with a foundry, OpenSilicon is working on an FD-SOI test chip that should tape out soon. STMicroelectronics indicates that silicon-proven IP is now available through a reseller/IP vendor, and that digital-analog integration benefits are especially compelling. Mutschler also talked to Sonics, Semico, and the big EDA players. (Click here to read the article.)

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