SiTime’s SOI-MEMS in MegaChips-Bosch Sensortec Solution for Realtime Health and Fitness Tracking in Smartphones & Wearables
Posted date : Feb 23, 2015

SiTime’s SOI-MEMS solution is a key part of a new realtime health and fitness tracking solution from MegaChips called “frizz”. MegaChips has announced a partnership with Bosch Sensortec to provide a complete reference design for use of frizz in smartphones, wearables and other personal devices allowing consumers to monitor their activities in real time (read the press release here).

This marks SiTime’s first major announcement since becoming a subsidiary of Mega chips. SiTime leverages SOI-MEMS for high-performance, ultra-low power, ultra-slim timing solutions. (SiTime contributed an excellent piece to ASN a few years ago explaining their SOI edge – you can still read it here.)

SiTimeShignonB_image01Piyush Sevalia, SiTime marketing EVP, said, “SiTime’s groundbreaking MEMS and programmable analog technologies allow us to deliver game-changing MEMS timing solutions. Our MHz and kHz solutions provide the best accuracy, the smallest size and the lowest power, all of which are ideally suited for wearable electronics and internet of things (IoT).”

Frizz is a motion sensor hub with a 32bit DSP based motion engine that can realize high performance calculations used in processing algorithms with ultra-low power consumption in lieu of a microprocessor. MegaChips’ ultra-low power frizz, combined with the SiTime SiT1602 programmable MHz oscillator and Bosch Sensortec MEMS sensors provide more meaningful data, easy interpretation, higher accuracy and ultra-low power critical for longer battery life.

The joint frizz and Bosch Sensortec solution is available now from MegaChips (extensive information is available here).

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