Hua Hong (“Grace”) Semi Launches New RF-SOI Tech Platform and PDK
Posted date : Apr 9, 2015

hhgracelogoHua Hong Semiconductor of Shanghai (a pure-play 200mm foundry operated by HHGrace Semi) recently launched a 0.2μm RF-SOI process design kit (PDK) (click here to read the full press release). The 0.2μm RF-SOI technology platform has been successfully validated and is ready for customers product design and development, says the company. It is tailored and optimized for wireless RF front-end switch applications. The new PDK solution is developed from Cadence’ IC5141 EDA software, and integrates RF modeling and simulation platform such as PSP SOI and BSIM SOI. The company notes that the 0.2μm RF-SOI PDK offering provides convenience to designers who focus on optimizing both the RF performance and die size, while greatly shortening time-to-market.

Dr. Weiran Kong, Executive Vice President of Hua Hong Semiconductor said, “With the booming of mobile Internet and intelligent terminals in recent years, there are more and more applications of consumer electronics with the use of RF SOI design. 0.2μm RF-SOI technology is one of our focuses. With this new offering, we will actively help our customers to capture market opportunities. The technology is ideal for RF switch designs such as smartphones and connected devices of Internet of Things. Through adding 0.2μm RF SOI technology solution into our RF portfolio, we are able to provide customers with comprehensive, cost effective and high performance RF solutions, which also include RF CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS and embedded Flash technology with RF PDK.”

HHGraceFoundryThe Group currently has one of the largest 200mm wafer processing capacities in China through its three fabs in Shanghai, with an approximate total 200mm wafer manufacturing capacity of 129,000 wafers per month as of September 30, 2014.

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