GlobalFoundries Blogs that IoT Future Is Bright With RF-SOI, FD-SOI
Posted date : Apr 30, 2015

A recent GlobalFoundries blog entitled RF-SOI is IoT’s Future, and the Future is Bright (read it here) says, “RF SOI is a win-win technology option that can improve performance and data speed in smartphones and tablets, and it is expected to play a key role in the Internet of Things applications as well.”

The blog touches on the full range of benefits of RF-SOI for front-end integration, resulting in, “… longer battery life, less dropped calls and higher data speeds.” It then goes on to cite complementary advantages of FD-SOI. Peter Rabbeni, GlobalFoundries director of RF Segment Marketing, notes that in FD-SOI, “dynamic control of Vdd and the use of well-bias techniques can not only help reduce overall power consumption but can be used as a means to optimize RF circuit operation. This is not something that can be easily done in bulk technologies.”

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