GlobalFoundries FD-SOI Webinar 24 June 2015, 10am PST: Be There!
Posted date : Jun 13, 2015

It’s happening! GlobalFoundries is having an FD-SOI technical webinar on the 24th of June 2015. Don’t wait – sign up now – click here to get the registration document.

Here’s the information we know so far.

Title: Extending Moore’s Law with FD-SOI Technology 


  • FD-SOI technology overview
  • Power Performance Area (PPA) advantages
  • Transistor control with forward/reverse body biasing
  • The future of Moore’s Law with FD-SOI

When: June 24, 2015, 10:00 am Pacific Time

Speaker: Jamie Schaeffer, Ph.D., FDSOI Product Line Manager, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Where: a computer or mobile device near you!

GF_DAC52_FDSOIwebinar_loresIn fact, GF made a point of inviting the crowd at the recent DAC 52 in San Francisco.

Jamie Shaeffer’s been on the front lines of FD-SOI in recent days. In case you missed ASN’s recap of EDPS coverage (you can still read it here), he was on the panel discussion, agreeing that FinFET and FD-SOI can and will co-exist. His comment (as noted by Richard Goering of Cadence) really sums it up nicely: “For some applications that have a large die with a large amount of digital integration, and require the ultimate in performance, FinFET is absolutely the right solution. For other applications that are in more cost-sensitive markets, and that have a smaller die and more analog integration, FD-SOI is the right solution.”

Also noted by Richard, Jamie was also very bullish on next-gen FD-SOI, noting that performance will climb by 40% with half as many immersion lithography layers as FinFETs. He also said that next-gen FD-SOI is 30% faster than 20nm HK/MG.

So while we’re waiting for “The Big GF FD-SOI Announcement”, we have a growing body of reports from industry events. In a SemiWiki blog (read it here), for example, Scotten Jones reported that GF’s Thomas Caulfield said that they are “…developing a 22nm process in Malta for manufacturing in Dresden. The goal is 14nm FinFET performance at 28nm costs.”

At DAC 52, GF’s Tim Dry gave what was reported to be a very well-attended presentation at the Synopsys booth. You don’t see the GF logo on the slides yet – but the source looks pretty clear….

His presentation was entitled Driving Innovation to Enable IoT Growth. Here’s a few snapshots of slides he showed.

Consider a ubiquitous security camera – a prime IoT sort of app. Here’s what FD-SOI does for it:


From GlobalFoundries presentation on Synopsys’ DAC52 stand.


And then there’s the Smart Watch. 28nm FD-SOI with Forward Body Bias gives you great performance and over a week more of battery life than FinFET. Yes, please!


From GlobalFoundries presentation on Synopsys’ DAC52 stand.


Next he looks at various applications, and the process technology needed to meet their power and performance requirements. As seen below, 55/40/28ULP and 28SLP each cover a limited segment of the range:


From GlobalFoundries presentation on Synopsys’ DAC52 stand.


To cover the full range of requirements from low static power with RF to high performance active power, as seen below, you need 28FDSOI:


From GlobalFoundries presentation on Synopsys’ DAC52 stand.


Recapping the presentation title, we see FD-SOI is the IoT growth enabler, as shown below:


From GlobalFoundries presentation on Synopsys’ DAC52 stand.


Clearly GF’s rolling with this. So will you be at their FDSOI webinar on June 24? Of course you will. See you there!

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