FD-SOI could account for half of GF’s Dresden fab by 2018 (EETimes); drives More-than-Moore to mainstream
Posted date : Jul 21, 2015

In an interview with EETimes, GlobalFoundries CEO Sanjay Jha indicated that more than 50% of the Dresden fab output could be FD-SOI by 2018 (read it here). Jha also told EETimes that More-than-Moore technologies can be considered the mainstream. In the piece entitled, Can GloFo and Europe’s chip firms unite? author Peter Clarke makes an excellent point that between the four European chip leaders (NXP-Freescale, ST, Infineon and GF), “…there is the digital, RF, power, mixed-signal and microcontroller expertise to make almost any sort of wireless sensor node or any other circuit for the Internet of Things. What is clear is that there is no longer a single vector of excellence in integrated circuit manufacturing.” A recommended read.

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