IBM 0.3V SOI-FinFET SRAM paper garners press attention
Posted date : Jul 21, 2015

An IBM paper on a 14nm SOI-FinFET SRAM functional down to 0.3V has garnered press attention. The paper, entitled 14nm FinFET Based Supply Voltage Boosting Techniques for Extreme Low Vmin Operation by R.V. Joshi et al, was presented during the Symposium on VLSI Circuits in Kyoto, Japan in June. According to the abstract, the authors presented a new, “… dynamic supply and interconnect boosting techniques for low voltage SRAMs and logic in deep 14nm FinFET technologies. The capacitive coupling in a FinFET device is used to dynamically boost the virtual logic and array supply voltage, improving Vmin. Hardware measurements show a 2.5-3x access time improvement at lower voltages and a functional Vmin down to 0.3V. Results are supported by novel physics-based capacitance extraction and novel superfast statistical circuit simulations.” EETimes reported on the paper in a piece entitled “IBM Slashes Next-Gen Power” (see it here), wherein the lead author confirmed that this work was based on a 14nm SOI-FinFET architecture.

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