ST unveils first FD-SOI products – groundbreaking SOCs for set-top-boxes
Posted date : Sep 10, 2015

FD-SOI champion STMicroelectronics has unveiled the company’s first System-on-Chip (SoC) products on FD-SOI. Two multi-core ARM SoC offerings – both for set-top boxes – have been announced. ST credits the 28nm FD-SOI silicon technology with providing highly-efficient RF and analog integration as well as outstanding power efficiency so that set-top box makers can now design very small fan-less systems. The announcements include:

  • The Cannes Wi-Fi (STiH390): the first set-top-box SoC on the market integrating 4×4 11ac Wi-Fi (using IP from Quantenna) and High Dynamic Range support. This delivers state-of-the-art Wi-Fi performance and robustness required for reliable video delivery inside the home. (Read the press release here.)
  • The new HD HEVC Liege3 family of chipsets for entry Set-Top-Box markets, with flavors for satellite, cable-market and IPTV set-top-box devices. More than just an upgrade of previous-generation devices, the new chipset family combines the latest architectures used in ST’s Cannes products with optimized IPs to deliver future-proof SoCs with high integration. ST says this will enable large-scale migration of entry set-top boxes towards HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). All chipsets are pin-to-pin compatible to facilitate design re-use among the different broadcast technologies. Software compatibility with ST’s Cannes SoC family enables OEMs to benefit from the comprehensive ecosystem in order to easily design innovative client boxes on multiple middleware products. (Read the press release here.)

Both are currently sampling to lead customers.

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