Toshiba announces new RF-SOI process and smartphone switch with industry-best insertion loss
Posted date : Nov 30, 2015

Toshiba has announced TaRF8, the next generation in the company’s TarfSOI™ (aka Toshiba advanced RF SOI) process, which is optimized for RF switch apps. The first product to use the technology is Toshiba’s new SP12T, enabling the lowest-class of insertion loss in the industry. Lowering insertion loss is recognized as particularly important in decreasing RF transmission power loss, which in turn means longer battery life for mobile devices. Sample shipments of SP12T RF switch ICs fabricated with the new process will start in January 2016. (See the press release here.)

Designed for use in smartphones, the SP12T RF switch is suitable for 3GPP™ GSM, UMTS, W-CDMA, LTE™ and LTE-Advanced standards.

Toshiba develops high-performance RF switch ICs using its in-house fab’s SOI-CMOS technology, which is suitable for integrating analog and digital circuits. By handling all aspects of production flow, from RF process technology development to the design and manufacturing of RF switch chips, Toshiba says it can quickly improve SOI-CMOS process technology in response to feedback from the development results of its own RF switch IC products. This IDM approach allows Toshiba to rapidly establish new process technologies suited to actual products, and to enter the market with products fabricated with the latest process technology.

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