Peregrine in volume shipping of UltraCMOS® 60 GHz RF SOI Switches
Posted date : Mar 24, 2017

Peregrine announces volume shipping of their UltraCMOS® 60 GHz RF SOI switches featuring fast switching, high isolation, low insertion loss and excellent linearity.

Peregrine Semiconductor recently announced immediate availability of volume production parts for their UltraCMOS® 60 GHz RF SOI switches. (Read the full press release here.) The PE42525 and PE426525 extend Peregrine’s high frequency portfolio into frequencies previously dominated by GaAs technology. Both 60 GHz switches deliver exceptional performance in all key RF parameters and have a fast switching speed of only 8 nanoseconds.

Kinana Hussain, Peregrine’s director of marketing says, “These high frequency switches are garnering a high adoption rate in multiple markets including 5G, test and measurement, and defense. Not only do these switches break paradigms in high frequency, they also break paradigms in SOI fast switching.”

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