SOI Visionary Sorin Cristoloveanu Receives IEEE 2017 Andrew Grove Award
Posted date : May 20, 2017

(Courtesy: Grenoble INP)

Sorin Cristoloveanu has been named the 2017 recipient of one of the IEEE’s highest honors, the Andrew Grove Award, for his “contributions to silicon-on-insulator technology and thin body devices.” An IEEE Fellow and highly regarded figure in the SOI community, Sorin is the Director of Research at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS at IMEP-LAHC) in Grenoble, France.  

Here is how the IEEE describes him:

A visionary device physics researcher, Sorin Cristoloveanu saw the potential that silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology held for the semiconductor industry in producing competitive microelectronics components with improved performance when others considered it a niche field. As early as 1976, he discovered key mechanisms of thin-body devices that have led to the development of transistors from the simplest (zero gate) to the most complicated (four gates). Among several concepts unveiled by his group, the demonstration during the 1980s that volume inversion occurs in all nano-body devices was revolutionary at the time and helped drive research that led to double-gate transistors and today’s tri-gate FinFET devices. His Pseudo-MOSFET method developed in 1992 has become an industry standard for wafer monitoring without having to actually fabricate devices. More recently, Cristoloveanu’s SOI expertise has led to innovative devices for low-power memory and sharp-switching circuits.

The Grove Award is given “for outstanding contributions to solid-state devices and technology”. In 2012, it was awarded to another SOI visionary, Jean-Pierre Colinge, “For contributions to silicon-on-insulator devices and technology.”

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