$100M+ investment for FDX™ FD-SOI Chengdu design center of excellence
Posted date : Jul 3, 2017

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GlobalFoundries  and the Chengdu municipality plan to build a world-class FD-SOI ecosystem including multiple design centers in Chengdu and university programs across China. They’ve announced an investment of more than $100 million, which is expected to attract leading semiconductor companies to Chengdu, making it a center of excellence for designing next-generation chips in mobile, IoT, automotive and other high-growth markets.

This follows hard on the heels of the partners’ announcement that they’re building a 300mm fab in Chengdu to meet accelerating global demand for GF’s 22FDX® FD-SOI technology.

The partners’  plan is to establish multiple centers focused on IP development, IC design and incubating fabless companies in Chengdu, with the expectation of hiring more than 500 engineers to support semiconductor and systems companies in developing products using 22FDX for mobile, connectivity, 5G, IoT, and automotive. There will also be a focus on creating partnerships with universities across China to develop relevant FD-SOI coursework, research programs and design contests.

Support for the plan is pouring out from across the ecosystem (read the press release here for all the quotes).

“This new design and IP ecosystem in Chengdu is exactly what the Chinese fabless industry needs to take advantage of the game-changing features of FD-SOI, ” says Dan Hutcheson, CEO and Chairman of VLSI Research.  “The initiative is well positioned for success, considering GF’s track record of positive private-public partnerships to grow ecosystems around its fabs in Germany and New York.”




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