GF Triples FDXcelerator Partner Base in 1st Year
Posted date : Sep 13, 2017

As of September 2017, GlobalFoundries’ FDXcelerator program now counts 21 members. Its purpose is to extend the reach of the FD-SOI ecosystem, creating an open framework that allows these selected partners to integrate their products or services into a validated, plug-and-play catalog of design solutions. The program was first launched with seven partners in September 2016 – so membership has already tripled in just one year.

As such, FDXcelerator delivers design elements (IP), platforms (ASIC), tools (EDA), reference solutions (reference designs, system IP), resources (design consultation, services), and product packaging and test (OSAT) solutions that enable GF’s customers to improve FD-SOI-based SoC development cycle times and minimize development costs.

The program was originally founded with Synopsys (EDA), Cadence (EDA), INVECAS (IP and Design Solutions), VeriSilicon (ASIC), CEA Leti (services), Dreamchip (reference solutions) and Encore Semi (services).

Partners that have joined since then include:

QuickLogic — mass production proven ultra-low power embedded FPGA; complete SW support for FPGA design and SoC integration in 22FDX ultra-low power embedded FPGA (eFPGA) Intellectual Property, complete software tools and a compiler (press release here).

ASE Group — advanced packaging, assembly and test development services. Chip scale package types to include: flip chip and wafer level Fan In and Fan Out.

Amkor Technology — advanced packaging, assembly and test development services. Package types to include flip chip, wafer level fan out and wire bond.

Infosys — Silicon-to-systems range of engineering services. Software services ranging from various firmware, embedded and applications-specific offerings.

Mentor Graphics — FDX-tailored Calibre™ solutions for timing and physical verification. Mentor ICD to support, floor planning, synthesis, place & route capabilities and Tessent™ suite to offer DFT flow support (press release here).

Rambus — Cryptofirewall cores that complement security implementations; DPA counter measure solution offerings to enhance security measures (press release here).

Sasken — Software solutions and processes for IoT, automotive and industrial and emerging device technologies. Offer turnkey solutions including hardware and software for complete SoC production.

Sonics — EPU™ Studio based on the Sonics ICE-GRAIN™ power architecture to support body-bias. Configurable on-chip network suite of offerings to support design of complex on-chip interconnects between cores (press release here).

Attopsemi — proprietary I-fuse™ OTP IP provides small size, high reliability, low program voltage, low power and wide temperature range to enable harsh applications such as automotive, 3D IC, and IoT applications (more here).

Fraunhofer IIS — applied research and development for ASIC, system-on-chip (SoC), and IP. Offers dynamic biasing IPs for advanced SoC designs in 22FDX technology.

Racyics — IP and design services for 22FDX process technology. “makeChip” design service platform provides an IT infrastructure with EDA tools and technology data setup (press release here).

Perceptia — all-digital PLL IP and complementary design solutions for 22FDX. Custom IC design and physical implementation services for GF FD-SOI process technologies (press release here).

eVaderis — optimized eNVM and processor subsystems IP for non-volatile IoT SoCs. Advanced IP for efficient code and data management in ultra-low power designs (press release here).

Uniquify — DDR Interface IP provides the right power, performance, area and reliability for FDX™-based SoCs in portable applications. Memory interface IP employs industry-leading adaptive technology, based on 14 issued patents, to deliver maximum performance (press release here).

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