Maker Alert: FD-SOI at Heart of $50 Sony SPRESENSE™ Board for IoT
Posted date : Jun 19, 2018

The MCU at the heart of Sony’s new smart-sensing SPRESENSE™ for IoT is built on FD-SOI. Why? Low operating voltage and low power consumption, of course! Sony’s got two cool new products going on sale in July 2018: the SPRESENCE main and extension boards for IoT applications, equipped with a smart-sensing processor (read the full press release here). A CXD5602PWBCAM1 camera board for sensing cameras will go on sale in August. All were on display at the SF Maker Fair ’18, where they were an instant hit.

Here are the main features of Sony’s CXD5602 MCU for IoT, which is built on FD-SOI. (Courtesy: Sony Semiconductor Solutions)

The main board (it’s open source, btw) will run about US$50. You’ll find the specs and main features here.

Spresense is powered by Sony’s FDSOI-based CXD5602 MCU (ARM Cortex-M4F × 6 cores), with a clock speed up to 156 MHz. The main board utilizes a multi-CPU structure equipped with Sony’s state-of-the-art GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System – which they talked about at the most recent SOI Symposiums in SF and Tokyo) receiver. A variety of systems for diverse applications, including drones, smart speakers, sensing cameras and other IoT devices, can be built by combining these boards and developing the relevant applications.

The new board can be used to control a drone, for example, using GPS positioning technology and a high-performance processor, voice-controlled smart speakers, low-power consumption sensing cameras and other IoT devices, etc. It can also be combined with various sensors for use in systems that detect errors in production lines on the factory floor.

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