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PCM/MRAM Workshop by Leti and Applied Materials During 2019 IEEE Intl. Memory Workshop
Posted date : Apr 22, 2019

Two of the big, recent breakthroughs in memory technology – eMRAM and ePCM – have gotten their start in volume manufacturing on 28nm FD-SOI.

Silicon Valley SOI Symposium a Huge Success. Key Takeaways (Part 1) Here.
Posted date : Apr 21, 2019

Takeaway #1: As NXP VP Ron Martino noted in his opening keynote at the recent SOI Symposium in San Jose, FD-SOI is the technology platform f

Interview with Informatique News (France)
Posted date : Apr 9, 2019

April 9, 2019 Une interview de Carlos Mazure, CTO de SOITEC et Président du SOI Industry Consortium Une interview de Jean-Éric Micha