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Posted date : Oct 8, 2019

Compact Model Developed at CEA-Leti for FD-SOI Technologies Designated as a Chip-Industry Standard – Leti press release, 2 April 2020. This Is of Paramount Importance for Large Chipmakers And Positions CEA-Leti Among the Few Compact-Model Developer Teams Able to Develop and Support a Standard Model

Lattice Semiconductor Joins Silicon Catalyst In-Kind Partner Ecosystem to Foster Broader Use of FPGAs – Silicon Catalyst press release, 2 April 2020.

Perceive Corporation Launches to Deliver Data Center-Class Accuracy and Performance at Ultra-Low Power for Consumer Devices – Perceive press release, 31 March 2020. Introduces breakthrough Ergo™️ edge inference processor, delivering 4+ TOPS sustainedand 55 TOPS/W, capable of processing large neural networks in 20mW. The company has partnered with the leading specialty foundry, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, to manufacture the Ergo chip on their 22FDX® platform.

QuickLogic’s eFPGA Qualified on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDX® Platform for IoT and Edge AI Applications – QuickLogic press release, 11 March 2020.

Soitec’s engineered substrates for 5G – Soitec (press release, 4 March 2020)

Working with GF: Why MixComm Chose GF’s Industry Leading 45RFSOI Solution – GlobalFoundries, YouTube video posted 18 March 2020. 

TCAD Simulations of RF-SOI Switches with Trap-Rich Substrate – Silvaco, b 2 March 2020. 

GlobalFoundries Delivers Industry’s First Production-ready eMRAM on 22FDX Platform for IoT and Automotive Applications – GlobalFoundries (press release, 27 February 2020)

NXP Announces Availability of i.MX RT600 Crossover Family of Microcontrollers – NXP (press release 24 February 2020). The i.MX RT600 crossover microcontroller (MCU) family, an ideal solution for ultra-low power, secure edge applications including audio, voice and machine learning […] manufactured [on Samsung’s] 28nm FD-SOI process, optimized for both active and leakage power.

Presentation at ISSCC 2020 Shows Role FD-SOI Can Play in Embedding Qubit Arrays with Classic Electronics to Build Large-Scale Quantum Silicon Processors – Leti (press release, 18 February 2020)

CEA-Leti Presents High-Performance Processor Breakthrough With Active Interposer and 3D Stacked Chiplets at ISSCC 2020 – from Design & Re-use, 18 February 2020. The prototype’s 96 computing cores are organized in six chiplets in 28nm FDSOI.

Lattice Announces New Low Power FPGA PlatformLattice Nexus Platform on Samsung Foundry 28 nm FD-SOI Delivers Solution, Architecture and Circuit-Level Innovations to Enable Low Power Edge Applications – Lattice Semi press release, 10 December 2019.

Clients Turn to the 22FDX® Platform for Next-Generation Automotive Radar – GlobalFoundries/Foundry Files Blog, Nov 07, 2019. By Mark Granger, VP Automotive Business Development.

VeriSilicon Releases Most Advanced FD-SOI Design IP Platform on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDX® for Edge AI and IoT Applications (press release, 23 October 2019)

sureCore PowerMiser Low Power SRAM IP Now on Samsung 28nm FDS Process Technology (Press Release, Oct. 16, 2019)

Samsung Introduces Advanced Automotive Foundry Solutions Tailored to EMEA Market at Samsung Foundry Forum 2019 Munich – Samsung (press release, 10 October 2019)

NXP Launches the GHz Microcontroller Era (press release, 2 Oct. ’19). The NXP i.MX RT1170 family is built using advanced 28nm FD-SOI technology for lower active and static power requirements. It integrates a GHz Arm Cortex-M7 and power-efficient Cortex-M4, breaks the gigahertz barrier and accelerates advanced Machine Learning applications at the edge.

Making New Memories: 22nm eMRAM is Ready to Displace eFlash – By Martin Mason, August 29, 2019, in GlobalFoundries’ Foundry Files.

Samsung Electronics’ Leadership in Advanced Foundry Technology Showcased with Latest Silicon Innovations and Ecosystem Platform – Samsung (press release, 15 May 2019)

Samsung Electronics Starts Commercial Shipment of eMRAM Product Based on 28nm FD-SOI Process – Samsung (press release 6 March 2019)

RF SOI Shines for 5G Power Amps – by David Lammers for GlobalFoundries’ Foundry Files, February 11, 2019.

FD-SOI: How Body Bias Creates Unique Differentiation – by Manuel Sellier (Soitec), in GlobalFoundries’ Foundry Files, October 17, 2018.

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