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Posted date : Oct 18, 2019

 GlobalFoundries Has Quietly Become A Player In Silicon Photonics Manufacturing31 March 2020 by Patrick Moorhead, Forbes.


Blog: Body Bias Gets Its Own Book – 13 February 2020, Junko Yoshida, EETimes Asia. The authors of The Fourth Terminal: Benefits of Body Biasing Techniques for FD-SOI Circuits and Systems make the case for body biasing, describing it as “a new and efficient tuning knob.” Three design experts at STMicroelectronics, including Fellow Andreia Cathelin, have co-edited and written chapters for The Fourth Terminal


NXP’s i.MX RT1170 Crossover MCUs (on Samsung’s 28nm FD-SOI) – the industry’s first GHz MCU – wins Best In Show Arm – TechCon2019 in the Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and IP category! (Embedded Computing Design, 9 Oct. ’19)

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