A consortium dedicated to the understanding, development,

and adoption of SOI-based technologies

The SOI Industry Consortium is an industrial, non-profit organization representing the complete SOI based microelectronics value chain: Digital, RF, Power, MEMS, etc.


  • Promote and support SOI based technologies
  • Promote comprehensive approach to SOI ecosystems:
    • Market-application-technology-supply chain
    • Differentiated strategy for “More Moore” and “More than Moore”
  • Promote innovation through application platforms
  • Challenge the SOI ecosystem to build up competitive platforms


  • Organization of workshops (since 2009 around the world) : Leuven, Baltimore, Tokyo, Silicon Valley, Hsinchu, Kyoto,
  • Shanghai, Dresden
  • Business development
  • Connecting decision makers throughout the value chain
  • Education
  • Tailored seminars, lectures
  • Common Platforms
  • Market analysis
  • Provide business, technology and networking environment


  • Members contribute to a Board
  • The Board assigns an Executive Director
  • A standard procedure regulates the exchange of confidential information within the Consortium
  • Currently the Consortium has 2 executive directors (since July 2014): Carlos Mazure, Executive Director and Giorgio Cesana, Executive Co-Director


All Memberships are key for SOI Consortium main objective:

  • To develop the SOI ecosystem
  • To fund the SOI Consortium program
  • To help define the SOI Consortium strategy (through the Board, through committees, etc.)
  • To enrich great networking opportunities

Yearly fees adjusted on company size

  • Medium-large size companies, 25k$
  • Small-size, institutions, 10k$
  • Start-ups, 5k$
  • Universities: free, contribution with research activity, publications, infrastructure for events.