Seeing the light

Good things are coming two by two.

There’s a light at the end of this tunnel.  Make that two lights. SOI is emerging as the safer bet for long-term scaling — just as the economy starts to emerge from the darkness.

Here’s another fortuitous pairing. SOI is being driven in large part by the realization that all those devices that are making computing ubiquitous need to pull a whole lot less power.  Concurrently, designers are realizing that SOI isn’t so hard after all – in fact, the tools have it covered, so it’s really no different than bulk.

And new killer apps are just around the corner. For example, while Toshiba’s Cell TV initially targets those lucky buyers on the high end, the potential for leveraging SOI in streaming and enhancing Internet video for the big screen on the other side of the coffee table is very exciting.

2010 should be the start of something good. May it be a happy and prosperous New Year.