A Velvet Evolution

FD-SOI promises a smooth transition.

Ours is an industry that prefers smooth transitions offering significant gains – and that’s just what FD-SOI promises.

Leading players are working on it; substrate and design challenges have been addressed. With recent advances, the stars are aligning in its favor.

Significant accomplishments at the substrate manufacturing level now enable ultra-thin, very smooth top silicon, and thin insulating BOX layers. This in turn enables a range of transistor design solutions for power, leakage and performance.

The benefits continue down the design chain. To the relief of chip designers moving from bulk, FD-SOI’s a straight shot – with no disruptive learning curves. Simplified manufacturing saves on the bottom line.

Just a few years ago, FD-SOI seemed like it would be a major transition. And indeed, the results are revolutionary – but the transition is evolutionary. Lower power, lower leakage, higher performance, non-disruptive design flow and cost-effective manufacturing. Looks like FD-SOI’s got it all.