On the Leading Edge

This year at Semicon West, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Smart Cut™ technology’s debut. Ten years ago, we were a handful of believers; now, SOI is an integral part of device optimization on the leading edge. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the high-performance microprocessor market. Advanced substrates, lead by SOI, address the challenges of heat dissipation, power consumption, process integration and performance.

As the market broadens and shifts its focus from business to mass consumer electronics and other industrial applications, power consumption and heat become more critical in the drive for higher-performance microprocessors.

In this issue of Advanced Substrate News, we look at the advanced substrate choices made by three leaders – IBM, Freescale and AMD – and the positive impact these choices have had on the performance of their products.

We also are fortunate to have pieces contributed by those on the leading edge of research, including Michel Bruel, the inventor of Smart Cut technology. The industry has changed irrevocably thanks to his insight. In the decade to come, design engineers will reap the benefits enabled by advanced substrates, creating products with far higher levels of energy efficiency, miniaturization and mobility. It is an exciting road we travel. •

Dr. André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé,
Chairman and CEO,
The Soitec Group