Outside the Box

Leading companies are finding that SOI just keeps on opening doors.

Across the advanced substrate community, companies are finding that SOI lets you step outside the box. Once you realize its potential, you start to leverage it in opportunities you might not have even considered in your bulk days.

The dozens of companies cited in this issue of Advanced Substrate News are the proof.

Consider AMD—getting more and more performance using less and less power—and translating that into significant market-share gains the world over.

Or Honeywell, helping explore the solar system—and finding new opportunities like low-cost RFID tags with integrated antennas right here at home.

Or IBM—taking SOI into all the major new game consoles—and into data storage techniques that create indentations 50,000 times smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.

Or Freescale—launching Quad- Core DSPs—and developing strained SOI devices that can open doors to low-power, portable electronic apps.

It’s not just a technology: it’s a new way of thinking. When you step outside the box, there’s a whole new universe at your fingertips.