As our name indicates, Advanced Substrate News (ASN) covers topics related to chips built on advanced and engineered substrates.  We put a special emphasis on silicon-on-insulator (SOI).

The goal is to demonstrate the added value of advanced substrates across the electronics supply chain.  We want to “connect-the-dots” from the starting substrate through chip design and manufacturing to the end-user, answering the question:  “Why do advanced substrates make a difference?”

The SOI ecosystem through the SOI Industry Consortium, in particular, is a dedicated, enthusiastic and fast-growing community.  ASN both heralds their accomplishments, and provides a platform from which they can speak.

First started in 2005 as a paper and electronic publication, ASN launched this dynamic website in 2010.  ASN is now part of the SOI Industry Consortium. The contents is contributed by leaders from across the electronics industry.

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