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ST White Paper Excerpts: Planar Fully-Depleted Silicon Technology to Design Competitive SOCs at 28nm and Beyond
Posted date : Apr 24, 2012

STMicroelectronics recently issued a major white paper detailing the choice of FD-SOI for consumer SOCs at 28nm and beyond. This article excerpts

Chenming Hu: SOI Can Empower New Transistors to 10nm and beyond
Posted date : Apr 23, 2012

FinFET and FD-SOI transistors look different but share a common principal that allows MOSFETs to be scalable to 10nm gate length. The good, old

Soitec: Wafer Roadmap for Fully Depleted Planar and 3D/FinFET
Posted date : Apr 20, 2012

Soitec wafers for FD bridge the planar gap between 28nm and 14nm, then accelerate and simplify the move to 3D architectures. (Courtesy: Soi

SiTime: Using SOI Technology to Develop High-Performance MEMS Timing Solutions
Posted date : Mar 26, 2012

A radical SOI-based approach puts  SiTime at the top of the fast-growing silicon-based timing market. SiTime, an analog semiconductor company,

Charting the Way for Porting SOCs to FD-SOI
Posted date : Nov 24, 2011

Members of the SOI Consortium have released a major white paper addressing the porting of SOC designs from bulk to FD-SOI. SOC designers face a

ST: FD-SOI for Competitive SOCs at 28nm and Beyond
Posted date : Nov 18, 2011

STMicroelectronics sees its flavor of planar FD-SOI as an excellent response to the complex needs of mobile multimedia chips. The multi-function

Bulk logic designs for mobile apps port directly to FD-SOI
Posted date : Nov 4, 2011

Bulk logic designs can be ported directly to FD-SOI for high-performing, low-power mobile apps. Fully-depleted (FD)-SOI is a potential alternati

EVG Takes on 450 mm and SOI with Newest Wafer-Bonding System
Posted date : Oct 28, 2011

EVG's new wafer bonding system is a fully automated tool for production-level fabrication of 450mm SOI wafers. Transitioning to larger wafers he

FDSOI Processes are Cost Competitive with Bulk
Posted date : Oct 19, 2011

A new study compares processes for the 20/22nm generation at a typical foundry. Silicon On Insulator (SOI) has been in use for state-of-the-art

FD-SOI update
Posted date : May 27, 2011

Data indicates that fully-depleted (FD) SOI offers an ideal combination for achieving ultra-low-power, high-performance and cost-effective manufa