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3D ICs: Opportunities & Timing
Posted date : Aug 16, 2008

A new study from Yole on 3D ICs sees a bright future for applications, markets and active layer transfer technology. Chip performance, size and

The GSA/SOI Industry Consortium Survey
Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

The “SOI Technology: Semiconductor Perception & Awareness Study” should change the way the industry thinks about SOI. According

2008: ARM Lays the SOI Foundation
Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

This fall, ARM will be rolling out key physical IP libraries, opening the door to broad SOI adoption. As the leading processor IP company, ARM i

Chip Designers: Having It All
Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

With SOI, the performance-power trade-off can be balanced without changing design methodology. If you’re a chip designer, what would it mean i

Calibre Adapts Easily to SOI
Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

How tools from Mentor keep SOI transparent for design; flexible and robust for tapeout. The Mentor Graphics Calibre® nm Platform is built to p

Analog Circuit Design in SOI
Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

SOI provides key advantages for analog designers. Here’s how and why. Many technical studies have shown that SOI CMOS technology offers subst

Soitec Names Paul Boudre COO
Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

With promotion from EVP Sales & Marketing, industry veteran also takes on operations. Paul Boudre has been appointed Chief Opera

Tony Denayer New CEO at Cissoid
Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

With a new CEO, new round of funding, and new product, customers and distribution, Cissoid is on a roll. Tony Denayer, CEO and Director,

Victor Koldyaev Is Innovative Silicon’s First Fellow
Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

Craig Factor named VP legal affairs and general counsel. Z-RAM® developer Innovative Silicon, Inc. (ISi) has named Dr. Victor Koldyaev

3D at the Wafer Level
Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

Soitec’s core technologies are building blocks for 3D integration. At the wafer level, molecular bonding techniques and Smart Cut technology