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SOI & the greening of electronics

The SOI Industry Consortium has a major role to play promoting the power-saving benefits of SOI. The SOI Industry Consortium has now launched th

What’s new

SOI: Simply Greener — The Campaign This summer, the SOI Industry Consortium launched the “SOI Simply Greener” initiative, encouraging the

IBM & SOI: Delivering on Customer Priorities

How IBM’s Cu-45HP ASIC leverages SOI for an overall lowering of power. Initiatives for a smarter and greener planet are creating ubiquitous d

Low Power Design: Fast & Green

SOI helps create faster chips that consume less power. Speed and area used to be the primary factors considered by chip designers. Performance

Celebrating Over A Decade of Green

Piet Wessels has been the driving force behind NXP’s (and formerly Philips’) SOI-enabled high-voltage business ever since it first began.

Innovation, Lower Leakage & Higher Performance

Analog Devices’ proprietary XF3 SOI SiGe complementary bipolar process enables them to address the trends toward reduced component cost, boar

EDN Innovation Winner

This spring, the EDN magazine Innovation of the Year in Passive Components and Sensors was awarded to ADI’s SOI-MEMS based ADXL001 Indu

White Goods Get Greener

According to the US Department of Energy, appliances account for about 17% of a household’s energy consumption. Major appliances like refrige

National’s VIP50 on SOI

National Semiconductor is building products such as single, dual and quad operational amplifiers on its proprietary VIP50 SOI BiCMOS process tech

Energy-Efficient SoC Design Can Make A Difference

ARM now offers a combination of low-power processors, SOI libraries and power management IP. It is often the simple actions that make the large