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Conquering Convergence

ST looks at a hybrid FD-SOI/bulk approach to SOCs for multimedia. The heterogeneous nature of System-on-Chip (SOC) design for the next generati

Get the Picture

Hitachi’s latch-up-free, SOI-based chips enable new generations of compact medical ultrasound systems. Medical challenge Ultrasound systems

ETSOI Substrates: What We Needi

IBM’s roadmap to ETSOI – Extremely Thin Silicon on Insulator – calls for very thin, very flat SOI substrates. Here’s why. ETSOI transist

Smart Sense

UCL researchers leverage SOI in a powerful, affordable sensor design. Medical challenge In pharmacology, medical diagnostics or security app

Model Behavior

Leti has compact models ready for FD-SOI SPICE simulations. A critical link in the move to FD-SOI is the availability of robust compact models.

Using FD-SOI to Design Competitive Chips

FD-SOI solves challenges without complicating design and manufacturing. Designing a successful consumer-type IC requires a balanced combination

Fully Depleted (FD) SOI for the Next Generation

FD-SOI is making the move towards industrialization. In this issue of ASN, experts from IBM, ST, Hitachi, Leti and Soitec detail their approaches

The Moment Is Now

There’s no need to wait – Hitachi’s SOTB solution also benefits today’s mainstream low-power nodes. Hitachi’s Hybrid Silicon-On-Thin-B

The Next Big Thing

Leading equipment and materials suppliers have created the European 450mm Equipment and Materials Initiative – or EEMI 450, for short. The st

On the Leading Edge

Key advances in transistor research start on SOI. SOI has always been the substrate of choice to explore new silicon device concepts and struct