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IBM’s SOI Power

IBM is reaping the benefits of its long SOI history. In 1998, IBM announced that after years of research, it had “pe

Freescale’s Embedded High Performance

New SOI-based products target communications infrastructure. Consider the communications processor market, which Frees

AMD’s Momentum Building

SOI-based products help win new customers. AMD, a long-time favorite of discerning PC buyers, is now the undisputed leader

SOI and sSOI Address MPU Clock Speed Challenge

IC makers need both local and global strained SOI to win the GHz race. At the device level, the switching speed of MOS

On the Smart Cut™ Frontier

The inventor of Smart Cut technology, Dr. Bruel reflects on its impact for the industry. I knew a time when it was very common to e

Strain and SOI Lead to Faster, Cooler Transistors

Applied Materials responds to evolving requirements. Prior to 65nm device manufacturing, performance improvements from

MEDEA+ 2T101: sSOI for High-Performance ICs

The objective is to provide an industrial source of large diameter strained SOI wafers within 3 years. A “Phase 2” MEDEA+ project,


Financing approved for new III-V program The first phase of OPTIMUM, a new III-V research project lead by Thales

EE Times Awards AMD, Cites SOI Innovation

Ruiz and AMD are among the first ACE winners. At the first Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards, EE Times cel

New Edition of SOI Book by J.-P. Colinge

Silicon-on-Insulator Technology: Materials to VLSI is now available from Springer. The third edition of Professor Jean-Pierre Colin