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Can You Afford Not to Use SOI?

A new Semico Research study estimates the impact of SOI on the bottom line. As semiconductor process technologies move down the n

SOI By Design

The widening availability of tools and services is good news for designers in the fabless/foundry arena considering the move to SO

Expert Advice

Michael Gruver, Program Manager, IBM Engineering & Technology Solutions, gives his perspective on foundry custo

Via Technologies Extends Range of Ultra-Low Voltage x86 Processors

Fabless Via leverages IBM’s 90nm SOI process. A leader in the fabless world, Via Technologies has launched its new, fanless

More Power to You

Philips is building more and more high voltage/power products on SOI. Here’s why. Since the 1990’s, Philips has been and

Benchmarking SOI vs. Bulk Defectivity Levels

Monitoring defects using low thresholds is key to manufacturing yield. For inspecting SOI wafers,

Chirac Awards Innovation Prize to Soitec

During an Elysée ceremony, the French president cited the company’s international growth and empl

IEEE/EDS Accolades for SOI Innovators

Top honors go to advanced substrate pioneers – again. For the second year in a row, the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) gav

IBM + SOI Yield More Honors

Company received top White House medal and SI Fab of the Year. Recently, IBM has been lining up awards for technology leadership

What’s After Silicon?

For each technology node, those in the substrate world have to be ready with options years in