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The Driving Force

Infineon’s cost-effective SOI technology for driver ICs helps major appliance designers meet stringent energy and reliability parameters.

Infineon is using SOI to help tackle one of the biggest challenges faced by designers of major appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners: motor control. Read More

SOI for the Real World

TI is using SOI in key high-voltage, high-current and high-frequency analog components.

The real world is analog. Things like temperature, sound, light, pressure, speed – for this analog data to be integrated into digital systems, it has to be converted. But because the requirements vary enormously among the different analog functions and various systems where they are used, TI’s development of analog technologies follows several distinct paths. Read More

Ghavam Shahidi Wins J.J. Ebers Award

For the third year in a row, the IEEE/EDS has given one of its most prestigious prizes to a towering figure in the world of SOI.

Ghavam Shahidi, who initiated the SOI development program at IBM in 1989, has received the most recent J.J. Ebers award, “For contributions and leadership in the development of Silicon-On-Insulator CMOS technology.” Read More

Chartered’s Fab 7 Wins SI “Top Fab” Award

The world’s first pure-play foundry to offer SOI has received “Semiconductor International” magazine’s top honor.

Semiconductor International (SI) magazine has honored Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing’s Fab 7 with the “Top Fab” award for 2006.

With Fab 7, Chartered became the first pure-play foundry to expand into SOI when it began producing SOI-based chips in high-volume for IBM in mid-2005. Dr. Liang-Choo “LC” Hsia, the company’s Senior Vice President, Technology, has qualified the move as “a great success”. Read More

Innovative Silicon Wins ACE, IEEE Spectrum, F&S Awards… and More

ISi and its Z-RAM® memory technology are gaining accolades across the industry.

Innovative Silicon (ISi), the developer of Z-RAM® ultra-dense memory intellectual property (IP), is on an awards roll.

The company recently announced that IEEE Spectrum Magazine readers named Z-RAM the number one winning technology in its “Winners and Losers” edition. Over 50 percent of nearly 1,000 voting readers indicated that ISi should be selected for the award. As such, ISi received the EE Times and IEEE Spectrum Emerging Technology ACE Award. Read More

George Celler Co-Chairs SiWEDS Industrial Board

Industry-academia partnership focuses on the wafer.

Soitec USA Chief Scientist Dr. George K. Celler has been named co-chairman of the SiWEDS Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). SiWEDS, which stands for Silicon Wafer Engineering and Defect Science, is a global silicon partnership for research, development and education, co-sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Read More

New Technology Captures Defects of Interest at 45nm

New in-line inspection equipment from KT reaches new heights in accuracy for sorting out cleanable particles from killer defects.

At the 45nm node, the very nature of the defects and the particularities of the substrate impact light scattering detection methodologies.

KLA-Tencor’s new Surfscan SP2XP system not only captures more shallow defects like stains or residues, it significantly improves the ability to distinguish cleanable particles from killer defects. Read More

SPOTlight on Smart Power

SOI-based Smart Power Innovator Atmel leads new Medea+ program.

Atmel, a leading proponent of SOI for Smart Power, is heading up a new Medea+ program called SPOT-2 (program #2T205), for Deep Sub-micron Smart-Power Technologies.

The 3-year program aims to develop a new generation of Smart Power Technologies for automotive and consumer applications. More than a dozen partners from industry, academia and research laboratories are participating.

The industrial partners joining Atmel include Bosch, Infineon, NXP, Siemens VDO Automotive, Soitec and X-FAB, most all of whom are active in SOI-related development.

Industry SOI Innovators in Core Group Guiding Massive European Nanoelectronics Initiative

Eight key industrial players in nanoelectronics have created the legal entity for partnering with the EC’s €3 billion Joint Technology Initiative.

With the legalities now in place, the greater nanoelectronics community is set to play a significant role in defining the future of nanoelectronics R&D in Europe. Read More

High-k and Metal Gates Pave the Way to Further Innovation

Here’s why HK+MG+SOI promises to be a winning combination.

Seen as a necessary innovation to assure the IC scaling path, high-k gate dielectrics combined with metal gates have been in development for more than a decade. Recent announcements by IC technology leaders highlight the transition from R&D to early manufacturing for high-k and metal gate modules. It is an innovation that will benefit the IC industry as a whole and will open the path to further improvements.

In particular, the choice of fully-depleted (FD) SOI with high-k and metal gate architecture offers many more advantages compared to its bulk counterpart. In a FD transistor, the channel doping can be eliminated, thus reducing to a minimum channel dopant dependent threshold voltage Vt variability without degrading short channel behavior. Read More