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The Driving Force

Infineon’s cost-effective SOI technology for driver ICs helps major appliance designers meet stringent energy and reliability parameters. Inf

SOI for the Real World

TI is using SOI in key high-voltage, high-current and high-frequency analog components. The real world is analog. Things like temperature, sound

Ghavam Shahidi Wins J.J. Ebers Award

For the third year in a row, the IEEE/EDS has given one of its most prestigious prizes to a towering figure in the world of SOI. Ghavam Shahidi

Chartered’s Fab 7 Wins SI “Top Fab” Award

The world’s first pure-play foundry to offer SOI has received “Semiconductor International” magazine’s top honor. Semiconductor Interna

Innovative Silicon Wins ACE, IEEE Spectrum, F&S Awards… and More

ISi and its Z-RAM® memory technology are gaining accolades across the industry. Innovative Silicon (ISi), the developer of Z-RAM® ultra-dense

George Celler Co-Chairs SiWEDS Industrial Board

Industry-academia partnership focuses on the wafer. Soitec USA Chief Scientist Dr. George K. Celler has been named co-chairman of the SiWEDS Ind

New Technology Captures Defects of Interest at 45nm

New in-line inspection equipment from KT reaches new heights in accuracy for sorting out cleanable particles from killer defects. At the 45nm n

SPOTlight on Smart Power

SOI-based Smart Power Innovator Atmel leads new Medea+ program. Atmel, a leading proponent of SOI for Smart Power, is heading up a new Medea+

Industry SOI Innovators in Core Group Guiding Massive European Nanoelectronics Initiative

Eight key industrial players in nanoelectronics have created the legal entity for partnering with the EC’s €3 billion Joint Technology Init

High-k and Metal Gates Pave the Way to Further Innovation

Here’s why HK+MG+SOI promises to be a winning combination. Seen as a necessary innovation to assure the IC scaling path, high-k gate diel