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EC Approves €200 Million NanoSmart
Posted date : Oct 31, 2008

Project targets advanced materials for improved performance and electrical consumption. The Soitec Group, CEA-LETI and the French Agency for Ind

SOI Technology for Tunable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers
Posted date : Oct 31, 2007

Pirelli has leveraged SOI and related wafer-level substrate engineering in a new generation of optical telecom components. Faced with a growing

Intel’s Approach to Integrated Silicon Photonics
Posted date : Oct 31, 2007

With a goal of driving down the cost of high-speed optical interconnects and communications, the Intel photonics team is leveraging SOI to inte

The Path Towards CMOS-Photonics Monolithic Integration
Posted date : Oct 31, 2007

IBM researchers have made strategic advances in key elements needed to achieve on-chip optical networks. The current trend in the microe

Double-SOI Waveguide:The Communication Pathway Beneath the Surface
Posted date : Oct 31, 2007

Sony is investigating sculpting the waveguide between two layers of buried oxide. The mainstream of microprocessor research activities h

The Power of Mobile
Posted date : Oct 31, 2007

The market leader in RF power amps for mobile phones, RFMD is working with Jazz on an SOI-based solution for the next generation of handsets.

The Power of Communication
Posted date : Oct 31, 2007

Freescale is the world leader in integrated communications processors. Here’s why the new generation PowerQUICC® series is on SOI. Fr

The Promise of High Resistivity SOI for Wireless Communications Systems
Posted date : Oct 31, 2007

ST reports on highly integrated SRAM and RF on 300mm wafers. Yield matches bulk with improved FOM. Wireless communications systems may soon

RF All-In-One
Posted date : Oct 31, 2007

IBM’s new CMOS 7RF SOI technology offers significant cost advantages to designers of mobile handsets. For mobile phones, laptops and other por

IEEE Cledo Brunetti Award for Smart Cut™ Inventor
Posted date : Oct 31, 2007

Michel Bruel will be recognized for key SOI substrate technology. Michel Bruel of the CEA-LETI labs has received notification that he will be th