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EVG Takes on 450 mm and SOI with Newest Wafer-Bonding System
Posted date : Oct 28, 2011

EVG's new wafer bonding system is a fully automated tool for production-level fabrication of 450mm SOI wafers. Transitioning to larger wafers he

FDSOI Processes are Cost Competitive with Bulk
Posted date : Oct 19, 2011

A new study compares processes for the 20/22nm generation at a typical foundry. Silicon On Insulator (SOI) has been in use for state-of-the-art

Driving Roadmaps
Posted date : Oct 15, 2011

Highlights from the IEEE 2011 SOI Conference include presentations by ST, ARM, IBM, Intel, Leti, Peregrine, GlobalFoundries and more. Th

Interview: How NXP’s SOI Technology Enables Major Advance in Automotive Position Sensors
Posted date : Aug 8, 2011

Guenter Reiniger, Marketing Manager for NXP's Automotive Sensors, explains how SOI helps eliminate the need for external components in a new magn

FD-SOI update
Posted date : May 27, 2011

Data indicates that fully-depleted (FD) SOI offers an ideal combination for achieving ultra-low-power, high-performance and cost-effective manufa

FD-SOI: A Quick Backgrounder
Posted date : May 27, 2011

For those new to FD-SOI, here's a short description of the basic principles. FD SOI transistors are constructed on an ultrathin Silicon layer (&

5th FD-SOI Workshop (Taiwan)
Posted date : May 27, 2011

Following the April 2011 VLSI-TSA and VLSI-DAT conferences in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the SOI Consortium hosted the fifth in its series of FD-SOI Worksh

Bulk to SOI Porting Analysis
Posted date : May 27, 2011

One of the key projects currently underway within the SOI Consortium is to understand and provide guidance on the advantages and obstacles of por

FD-SOI: The Substrates Are Ready
Posted date : May 25, 2011

At the most recent SOI Consortium FD-SOI workshop, Soitec gave a presentation on FD-SOI substrate readiness. Here are some of the highlights. Th

GPU/CPU on SOI: the Xbox 360 did it first
Posted date : May 11, 2011

Microsoft and IBM moved the CPU and the GPU of the best-selling game console in North America onto a single SoC – a year ahead of the pack. Th