ASN is written almost entirely by contributing experts from industry and academia. If you have an idea for a piece, please send it to us at

A note about our readership:

Our readership spans a wide range of industry, academia and research.  ASN articles need to be accessible to everyone from the fab floor to the board room, from research labs to design teams and marketing departments.  We also have readers in the technical and trade press, and in the analyst and finance communities.

Therefore, it’s important to be clear and direct.  Remember that your piece needs to be understood by those outside your field of expertise.  You also need to put it in perspective – provide the “big picture”, so readers understand where, why and how your work impacts or is impacted by advanced substrates.

General guidelines:

  • Most contributed pieces are short – about 350 words plus a graphic.
  • Word or OpenOffice documents are fine.
  • You can embed links where readers can go for more information.
  • While we do not currently accept advertisements, we will gladly consider pieces profiling products and services of specific interest to those using or considering SOI or other advanced substrates.
  • Photographs should be in high resolution.
  • Whenever possible, graphics should be in their original file formats.
  • Please provide a brief  bio.
  • Any edits we make will be sent to you for approval.

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