18 & 19 September 2018: FD-SOI Forum & International RF-SOI Workshop-Shanghai
Posted date : Aug 8, 2018

The Chinese microelectronics ecosystem as well as leading companies worldwide have been meeting again for the sixth time in Shanghai at the Shangri-La Hotel during two days and exchanged on FD-SOI and RF-SOI technologies and applications.


>Mass production and recent achievements of FD-SOI, Gitae Jeong, SVP, Samsung Electronics, (presentation not available)

>Driving Differentiated Solutions with FD-SOI for Demanding MarketsThomas Morgenstern, SVP & GM, Fab 1, GlobalFoundries

>FinFET and FD-SOI: Market and Cost Analysis, Handel Jones, CEO, IBS

Deployment of FD-SOI: AIoT and Automotive Electronics, Wayne Dai, Chairman, President and CEO, VeriSilicon

Battery Powered Security and Monitoring Cameras for Smart Home, Yantao Jia, Head of ASIC & China Operations, Amazon/Blink (presentation not available)

>I-fuse ™ for FD-SOI: ultra-high reliability and ultra-low power OTP, Shine Chung, Chairman, Attopsemi

>Addressing the Energy Efficiency Challenges of IoT End Points, Frederic Renoux, EVP, Dolphin Integration

FD-SOI for Automotive: acceleration through ecosystem partnerships, Carlos Mazure, Chairman & Executive Director, SOI Industry Consortium

>L-4 Autonomous Solution based on 22FDX, Jiong Zhu, Director, Design Implementation, VeriSilicon

>Future applications yc AI with FD-SOI, Emmanuel Sabonnadière, CEO, LETI-CEA Tech


The second day was dedicated entirely to 5G connectivity and its infrastructure showcasing end users, fabless and the supply chain. For both days the program featured timely keynotes and in-depth panels discussing the hottest topics.

PRESENTATIONS:  International RF-SOI Workshop

>Join Hands with Industry Partners – Hop on the 5G Shuttle Together, Danni Song, Project Manager, China Mobile

Riding the 5G Silicon Wave: How Advances in 5G Radio Architectures Benefit from RF-SOI , Michael Reiha, Head of RFIC R&D, Nokia Mobile Networks

>RFSOI Enabling the RF Wireless Front End : History, Future and Challenges  Julio Costa, Director of Technology Development, Qorvo

>Mobile Radio Transformation in the Age of 5G: A Perspective on Opportunities for SOI, Peter Rabbeni, VP Segment Offering Management, Business Development and Marketing, GlobalFoundries 

>Engineered Substrates – At the Heart of 5G Connectivity, Thomas Piliszczuk, EVP, Soitec

RFSOI and Extended Silicon-Based Solutions: Prospectus for 5G Front-End Components and System Integration, Herb Huang, CEO, NSI

HHGrace 0.13um RFSOI: Enabling Integration of RFFE for 5G, Ruofan Dai, Senior Engineer, HHGrace (presentation not available)

>RF-SOI in 5G Era, Yangyang Peng, Director, SmarterMicro

>Sub-5G RF Front-End Components Based on Advanced SOI CMOS Process, Wayne Ni, CTO and Board Chairman, CanaanTek

>RF-SOI for RFFE Solution: An EDA Perspective, Feng Ling, Founder and CEO, Xpeedic 

>Engineered Substrates: At the Heart of 4G/5G Front End Module Evolution, Bernard Aspar, EVP & GM, Soitec

>RF and SOI Technologies for 5G Deployment, Kirk Ouellette, VP of World Wide Strategy, STMicroelectronics

>RF Technology and Design Enablement for Next Generations, Mostafa Eman, CEO, Incize

>Applied Materials 300mm FEOL Products Status for RF-SOI, Papo Chen, Sr. Product Manager, Applied Materials

>Introduction to the Virtuoso RF Solution for Co-Design of RF Chips and Modules, Liang, Jiang, Principal Customer Engagement Engineer, Cadence


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