SOI Silicon Valley Symposium – San Jose, California, April 9, 2019
Posted date : Mar 21, 2019

This year’s Symposium focused on SOI products and applications, featuring speakers from Anokiwave, ARM, Core Avionics & Industrial, GlobalFoundries, IHS Markit, NXP, Samsung, STMicroelectronics, Synaptics, Leti-CEA, and EDA/IP innovators like Intento and Dolphin Integration

Two open forum panels  offered participants the chance to discuss with panelists from the fabless, foundry and EDA/IP community about Product and Application Drivers and EDA, IP and Design Infrastructure.

Agenda April 9, 2019


>Safe, Secure and Connected Embedded Processing for Future Applications, Ron Martino, VP & GM, NXP

>Samsung’s FDS with MRAM: Enabling Today’s Innovative Low Power Endpoint ProductsTim Dry, Director of Edge and Endpoints Marketing, Samsung Foundry (please use  “Source: Samsung Foundry Keynote at SOI Symposium 2019, USA” when using slides  out of this presentation)

>Revolutionizing the User Experience through Secure Neural Network Acceleration at the Edge, Huibert Verhoeven, Senior VP & GM, IoT Division, Synaptics

> Automotive and IoT Market OverviewMatthew Short, Senior Research Director, IHS Markit

>The Evolution and Future of SafetyLee Melatti, VP of Business Development, Core Avionics & Industrial

>Automotive FD-SOI Microcontrollers with Embedded PCM, Roger Forchhammer, Director Business Development, STMicroelectronics

Unleashing the mmWave Phase Array Using SOI for 5G and Satcom, Nitin Jain, CTO, Anokiwave (presentation not available)

Capturing High Growth Market Opportunities with SOI, Mark Granger, VP Automotive Product Line, GlobalFoundries

>Applications Around the Connected Car, Emmanuel Sabonnadière, CEO, Leti-CEA Tech

>SOI EDA/ IP Overview: Jon Cheek, Executive Director, SOI Industry Consortium

>Biased views on the industry’s broadest FDSOI physical IP solution, Kelvin Low, VP of Marketing PDG, ARM inc

>Analog Techniques for Low Power / High Performance Micro Processors in LP28FDSOI, Stefano Pietri, Technical Director, NXP

>FD-SOI IP Platform for Energy-Efficient IoT SoCPhilippe Berger, CEO, Dolphin Integration

>ID-XPLORE™: A Disruptive EDA for Emerging FDSOI Applications, Ramy Iskander, Founder & CEO, Intento Design


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