Workshop: Impulsion to products – Taiwan, 2015
Posted date : May 29, 2015

After an introduction of the FDSOI industrial ecosystem by the SOI Consortium, the first morning session “Silicon proven design experience in 28nm FDSOI” focused on 28nm FDSOI discussing low power, high speed, back-biasing techniques for digital and analog applications.

During the following session “A full chain to enable 28nm FDSOI from design to prototyping” the participants were exposed to the FDSOI ecosystem offering and had the opportunity to discuss and inquire about the different services of the FDSOI package.


> Welcome speech – Leti & AEPI introduction by Marie-Noëlle Semeria, Leti CEO (not yet received)

FD-SOI Ecosystem

> FD-SOI ecosystem by Carlos Mazure, Executive Director, SOI Consortium

> FD-SOI design by Thierry Collette, VP of Architecture & IC Design & Embedded Software Division Division, Dolphin/Leti

Silicon Proven Design Experience in 28nm FD-SOI

> Energy efficient digital design in FD-SOI by Ahmed Jerraya, Research Director & Head of the Design Center Initiative, Leti

> Efficient Reconfigurable Power Amplifier in FD-SOI by Baudouin Martineau, Research Engineer, Leti

> Energy friendly MCU based on ReRAM for IoT Applications by Olivier Thomas, Silicon Impulse project leader, Leti

A Full Chain to Enable 28nm FD-SOI from Design to Prototyping

> Silicon Impulse Initiative by Olivier Thomas, Silicon Impulse project leader, Leti

> L-IoT design platform to accelerate IoT product design by Ali Erdengiz, Sr. Business Development Manager, Leti

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