World Semiconductor Congress – Nanjing, China, May 18, 2019
Posted date : Apr 15, 2019

2019 WSC Nanjing Agenda


SOI Platforms for Automotive, IoT, 5G, AI/Edge Computing


>The Perspective of China SOI Ecosystem, Jeffrey Wang, CEO, Simgui

>SOI platforms for automotive, IoT, 5G; Jian Zhang, VP, NXP

RF-SOI ecosystem”; Mostafa Emam, CEO, Incize

>Automotive SOI with embedded PCRAM; Giorgio Cesana, Sr. Director, STMicroelectronics

EDA/IP infrastructure and innovation

>Design transparency with FD-SOI; Christophe Tretz, IBM & Design Expert, SOI Industry Consortium

FDSOI Foundry Enablement – From Concept to Mass Production, Mao Liu, Product Manager, Cadence

>Mixed signal computing with FD-SOI for AIoT; Hongjie Liu, CEO, Reexen

>EDA Enablement for RF- and FD-SOI; Feng Ling, CEO, Xpeedic

>SOI EDA/IP Overview; Jon Cheek, Executive Director, SOI Industry Consortium


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